VBrothers Process-sol pvt ltd Specializes in given below equipments...

  • Walk-In humidity chambers
  • Humidity chambers
  • Walk-In cooling chambers
  • Cooling chambers
  • Walk-In BOD incubators
  • BOD incubators
  • Walk-In Deep freezers
  • Deep freezers
  • Photo stability Chambers
  • Thaw chambers
  • Ultra low deep freezers
  • Vacuum oven
  • Hot air oven
  • We will perform Calibration and Validation of Above chambers .

  • We will Calibrate Instruments Below Given Range.
  • Chambers Calibration Accuracy Validation Accuracy
    Humidity Chambers ±0.5 ̊C & 2% RH ± 1 ̊C & 3% RH
    Walk-In humidity Chambers ±0.5 ̊C & 2% RH ± 1 ̊C & 3% RH
    Photo stability Chambers ±0.5 ̊C ± 1 ̊C
    Cooling Chamber ±0.5 ̊C ± 1 ̊C
    Walk-In Cooling Chamber ±0.5 ̊C ± 1 ̊C
    Deep Freezer ±2 ̊C ± 5 ̊C
    Walk-In Deep Freezer ±2 ̊C ± 5 ̊C
    Laboratory Oven ±2 ̊C ± 5 ̊C
    Vacuum Oven ±2 ̊C ± 5 ̊C
    BOD Incubators ±0.5 ̊C ± 1 ̊C
    Walk-In BOD Incubators ±0.5 ̊C ± 1 ̊C
    Ultra low deep frezer ±5 ̊C ±10 ̊C
    Thaw Chamber ±0.5 ̊C ±1 ̊C
  • We will use standard data loggers and also provide certificate.
  • We will also provide Traceability certificate of data loggers.
  • After calibration and validation we will provide Certificate and Tag for Calibrated date and Due date.
  • Our Calibration management system will send you due date reminder typically a month before the recommended due date for Re-calibrations.
  • We understand the importance and cost of instrument downtime and strive to provide you with the fastest possible turnaround time for our in-house calibrations. Instruments are calibrated and promptly returned to be put back into service
  • We maintain all our calibration and validations traceable to National and International Standards. Our state of the art master standards are calibrated EQDC, Gandhinagar or ERTL (W), Mumbai or NCQC, Ahmedabad.
  • We perform validations for a wide variety of equipment including all Chambers, Incubators, Freezers, Ovens, and more.
  • Calibration and Validations will perform by our Highly Qualified Well Trend Engineers. Our training programme will continuous as per our improvement.
  • Highly accurate and traceable calibration services at a fair price. We work you to establish a cost-effective solution for all your calibration and validation needs.